Building a Network and Growing your Business with a Podcast

Building a Network and Growing your Business with a Podcast

by: Makenna Smith
Published on: August 15, 2022

Podcasts have established a new frontier of marketing and growth strategy for businesses. They are no longer an exotic thing of the past, but an opportunity to place your business at the forefront of your industry. Whether you are a small start-up helping customers navigate the DeFi space or a manufacturing plant creating compostable coffee cups that grace the hands of Americans every morning, your business has a story to tell through podcasting. 

Here’s how to think BIG and get the most out of creating a podcast for your business.

Build Trust in Your Business

People love an origin story. Start by sharing the story of how your business came to be and what you are passionate about. Dive into the lessons you have learned and the niche areas you have knowledge in. This is a great way to engage your listeners so that they understand more about your business. It can also help establish your brand as an authority in certain areas of interest. Be confident and create unique content that engages your listeners. 

If you want to build trust in your brand, establish your voice. It is important to be authentic and honest about who you are and what your business cares about. Make it personal. Share situations you have experienced and obstacles you have encountered. This gives exposure to your product and can help your listeners tackle real-life problems. Your podcast can showcase the integrity of your business and connect you with your customers in a real way. This is essential to building your brand and increasing your customer base.

By focusing on building real relationships with your listeners, you can lay the foundation for becoming a trusted advisor in your area of expertise. This focus can set you apart from other competitors in the marketplace and increase brand awareness. Podcast listeners are looking for meaningful connections, solutions to the challenges they are facing, and insight from trusted sources. Building your network begins with building trust.


An Essential Marketing Tool

You knew this one was coming. You’ve been wondering if it’s really worth it for your business to have a social media presence. Just three years ago, 54% of podcast consumers said that they are more likely to consider the brands they hear advertised on podcasts. Podcasts are a powerful marketing tool for your business and have the ability to modernize your brand.  

Business Podcast

With 177 million people listening to podcasts, it is important to define who your audience is. Who is your ideal customer or listener? What are their struggle points? What social media platforms are they on? Knowing your audience can give clear direction when using a podcast as a marketing tool. 

With every episode, a podcast advertises your product and creates a multitude of social media content. Video, audio, and graphic content can all be created from just one episode recording and repurposed. This simplifies the distribution of your content while giving your customers an array of diverse content to explore. 

As a business, you have to be where your customers are and your customers are podcast listeners. A podcast can be the voice of your company. Take advantage of the creative outlet a podcast can be for your company and its employees. Feature specialists in your field, leaders in your company, or address questions that customers have sent in, on your podcast episodes. Think about the value of what your podcast is contributing to the marketplace. Publishing consistent episodes can provide a steady stream of content and increase your customer reach.

Generate New Customers 

By integrating a podcast into your brand and consistently generating content, you can build a community of loyal customers and network with qualified prospects. A podcast can refine your customer base and generate new business. It can turn your brand into an easily accessible resource, in a saturated market. Consistency is key. Releasing podcast episodes on a repeated schedule will keep your show top-of-mind with your listeners and provide a pool of brand content for new customers to explore. 

Using a podcast as a lead generation tool can direct listeners to your website and create an open door for new customers to explore your brand. Creating incentive for listeners by offering discount codes for products, free guides, special access to events or pre-release promotions can entice new customers to stay connected with your business. It is important that you understand who your customers are and what their needs are, in order to create lead magnet tools that work for your company. If you are unsure, experiment with different ideas and observe how your podcast listeners respond.

A podcast for your business can turn strangers into customers. Boosting brand visibility and growing a customer base is crucial for the success of every business today. A podcast can generate leads and sales that bring profit to your business while attracting new customers that are curious about your brand. 

A presence in the world of podcasting is necessary for the progress and continuity of your business. Be creative with your podcast idea and seek to add value to the challenges of your customers with your content.


Creating a podcast for your business can seem overwhelming but it can be a simple and inexpensive endeavor. Podcasts do not require a ton of time for you to record, they provide interaction with your customers and bring a human element to your brand. Youtube and LinkedIn Learning are great resources that can help you with the basics of starting your podcast. Starting costs are dependent on your budget and whether you are recording and editing on your own or seeking help from a production company. Choosing a hosting platform can be a productive first step. Podcast hosting platforms like Podbean, Libsyn, and Captivate, allow you to submit your show to a multitude of platforms for a small monthly subscription fee.

Deciding what podcast equipment you want to use is an important step in your podcasting journey. The equipment you choose should create a smooth recording process. The cost of the equipment you use will be a considerable portion of your overall budget. You don’t need the newest or most expensive equipment necessarily to create a great podcast. Quality audio can be captured with tools that are affordable. Basic podcast equipment can include headphones, a computer, audio editing software and a microphone. It is important to find the gear that works for you and your needs.  

With an overwhelming amount of podcasting resources available today, you can navigate your podcast journey with ease and decide what the most cost-effective route is for your business.

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