How To Get Started Editing A Podcast?
by: Josh Hartsell
Published on: August 9, 2017

How I Started Editing Podcast

Once I recorded my podcast audio and saved it to my hard drive, I needed to make edits and export the finalized version before I could upload it for my beloved audience to listen to.

Depending on the exact nature of your podcast, editing may be a relatively simple process, or it could be a bit more extensive. The editing process itself has a number of useful functions.

Here is a quick list to editing podcast, that you’ll both help and brief.

  • Adding music
  • Adding intros/outros to a recorded interview
  • Shortening to fit within time constraints
  • Cutting or censoring responses that you do not want to make it to mass distribution
  • Break a longer interview into separate parts to release at different times
  • Adding sound effects or other audio clips
  • Making edits to correct audio quality
  • Check out our Podcast Editing Guide

While there are several quality editing programs available to use to edit your podcasts, we suggest GarageBand or Audacity. Both programs are free and easy to learn to use. Here are some guides we’ve created for the different podcast editing programs:

Audacity has an excellent online tutorial that you can access in it’s entirety here. Check out this step by step guide from their archives to get started editing your pre-recorded work. Once there, check the contents for a number of other helpful tutorials that can get you on your way. You can also find our intro guide to cleaning up podcast audio or If you’d like help or consulting we offer podcast editing services that can be personalized to you and your show.

After you get started, check out the best framework for the actual show.

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