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People want to watch your podcast. We video record podcasts we produce so your story is accessible on all the top-performing platforms.

Businesses Benefit From Video Podcasts

Podcasting is great for B2B and B2C businesses, but they’re even more effective when streamed on audio and video platforms. While Apple Podcasts and Spotify might be the first podcast platforms to come to mind, YouTube is actually dominating the podcasting space.


People are watching and listening, and you’re missing out on huge potential if you’re not getting in front of a camera.

Video Podcast Services & How They Work

  • When you record your podcast episodes, we video record them, too, so you can have a video podcast episode alongside your traditional, audio one.
  • We set up your YouTube channel for you and upload all your episodes and Youtube Shorts there so you don’t have to lift a finger.
  • The editing team cuts out any mistakes, rabbit trails, and other mishaps you don’t want in your episode.*
  • Your video podcast is released alongside your traditional, audio episode–reaching more people on more channels, fast.
  • With one podcast episode, we can create 12 pieces of social media content to share out across all the major social channels that love vertical, short-form video content.

Get the Most out of Your Media

By recording and editing a video podcast alongside your audio version, you cast a larger net with your content and make promoting your podcast a million times easier.

How? Simple.

Our video podcast editing service not only includes a video podcast the length of your episode, but also a vertical video version and clips we share out to major social platforms like Youtube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok–all of which are platforms with algorithms that currently favor original, short-form video.

Consistent, Creative Content Converts

Quantity and quality matter. Creating a video podcast means you have the power to share more content more regularly with more people in your audience. With full length video podcasts paired with curated shorts, you can’t go wrong.

Case in point, we recently watched a video podcast client go from 0 views on YouTube to 92,000–all in just 28 days.



Will my video podcast and audio podcast be the same?

Not 100%. Because traditional podcasts have no video, we can cut out more “ums” “uhs” and other pause words without consequence. With video, eliminating those words can make the visuals look strange. Still, most of the content on your video podcast and traditional podcast will match.


But can you still edit out mistakes?

Yes! If you say a sentence wrong and want to say it again, we can totally do that, or if you get off topic, we can edit that out, too.


Do you handle organizing my video podcasts into playlists on YouTube?



Will your team title my videos, write the descriptions, and create youtube chapters?

We’ve got it covered. Once you’re done recording, your job is done.


Can you help me prepare my setup for video recording?

We’re happy to coach you through recommended equipment for both traditional and video podcasting, but don’t worry if you’re creating a show on a budget. You don’t need to have a film studio to make a great video podcast.


Do I actually need a video podcast?

It’s not a required service, but it’s a standard part of our podcast production process now. YouTube is the #1 platform for podcasts. Social media algorithms favor video content. Basically, we won’t force you to get on camera, but we highly, highly recommend it.

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