How Content Creation can maximize B2B Sales

How Content Creation can maximize B2B Sales

by: Michael
Published on: July 1, 2021

B2B (Business-to-Business) sales can make or break your business, and content creation can generate and nurture these sales better than almost any method.

A B2B sale involves one business buying a product or service from another business. Because a business has more needs than an individual, one B2B sale is generally larger than a B2C sale.

According to Statista, electronic B2B product sales account for 12.1% of total U.S. e-commerce. This is compared to 18.1% that comes from B2C (Business-to-Consumer). While B2C is the foremost sales channel for many businesses, B2B is undoubtedly important. 

Customers buying for a business tend to spend longer on each purchase, doing research and comparing products and services across the internet. They do this via different platforms and through different channels, but they most often turn to original content to assess a business. 

Businesses that focus on B2B sales are already aware of this. According to a survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, 89% of B2B marketers are using content marketing like educational articles, webinars and podcasts. Of the 11% nonusers, 52% plan to implement content marketing efforts within the following year. This was back in 2017.

Many businesses are already implementing content marketing for B2B. Content creation is important in the B2B sales process, and one of the best methods for generating quality sales.


Logic and Reason through Content


When preparing for a purchase, B2B customers will look for logical and rational reasons why your business is the best choice.

74% of B2B customers conduct online research prior to an offline sale (Forrester). Without content to establish expertise, your business is at a major disadvantage. It is important to provide as much logic and rationale as possible to a B2B customer, otherwise they will look for other options.

Traditional advertising focuses too much on engagement and brand-recognition for these types of sales. Content can provide enough relevant information to sway a B2B consumer, and the cost of production is low.


Versatility of Content


Original content can be modified in many ways. As a result, you can customize your online presence to focus on attracting B2B buyers.


Tighter Target Audience


While traditional advertising methods can have a target audience, they are generally shown to more than just that audience. As a result, these methods tend to be more generalized.

With content, you can focus on B2B customers with less emotional messages and more logic. Your audience is most likely interested in the information provided, which means they are either a B2B buyer or an individual consumer that is interested in the logistics of the industry. 

Either way, you are providing a benefit to the reader or viewer, and they are more likely to provide you a benefit in return. This could be sales, backlinks or reshares, and all are beneficial to your business.


Platform Customization


B2B buyers tend to look up businesses through platforms other than Google. 

84% of B2B buyers rely on LinkedIn business content to research before a purchase, 37% on FaceBook and 64% on Twitter (DemandGen). 

Content is malleable. With one original idea, a customized post can be made for every platform. This means your business stays visible no matter what channel the buyer is looking through.

If a potential customer sees that your business is established on multiple platforms, they are more inclined to believe that you are an authority. For a B2B buyer, an authority can be logically trusted, and this edges them closer to a purchase. 


Creating Relationships through Content


Repeat customers are a driving force in business sales.

According to BIA Advisory Services, 61% of small to midsize businesses say that half of their revenue is coming from repeat customers. A major focus of any successful business should be retaining customers in the long-run. 

Content is a great way to establish these relationships, especially for B2B sales.




If a potential customer views helpful or interesting content, they are likely to return to the source for more content. Consistent production leads to a consistent audience.

For B2C marketing, this leads to repeated individual sales.

For B2B marketing, this leads to repeat clients. 

Sales to businesses are generally larger than sales to individuals, so repeat clients provide multiple times the value. With that also comes the opportunity to specialize.

By creating a customized product for a specific business, you form a codependent relationship. They rely on your products, and you rely on their needs. This turns into a reliable income stream for as long as the relationship persists.




B2B sales can be compared to finding a new job. You are looking to have your business employed by another business. And what is the best way to find a new job?


LinkedIn released a study in 2020 that found 73% of people surveyed were hired in the past because someone they know made an introduction or connection.

Through your content, you can retain past clients. Almost every person in business has their own network, and by forming a relationship with clients, you can tap into their network.

For B2B, marketing should be less focused on being seen by as many people as possible. Instead, it should be focused on being seen by businesses looking for a product or service. 

Through these client networks, you can achieve a much higher conversion rate. Clients would only connect you with people interested in what your business has to offer.


Content is King


Content marketing is a quality strategy for any type of sales. But for B2B, it’s almost a necessity.

B2B customers are looking for logic and rationale to make their purchase. Content simply provides the best foundation for delivering that type of information. 

In addition, by helping retain customers, it can provide benefits well into the future. Consistent production of content leads to consistent results for B2B sales.

“Content is King.”

You’ve probably heard that before. That is debatable in many aspects. 

For B2B, there is no debate.

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