How To Promote a Podcast With Audiograms

How To Promote a Podcast With Audiograms

by: Makenna Smith
Published on: September 27, 2022

It might be time to crank the heat up in your podcast production and learn how to promote your podcast with audiograms. An audiogram is a perfect blend of visual and audio content. Additionally, it acts as a teaser trailer for a podcast episode that tempts your followers. It is a combination of artwork, images, audio, and text that will intrigue your listeners and help you stand out in today’s oversaturated social media feeds. With many social media apps available that help you easily create audiograms, you can beef up your social media presence in no time.

Let’s dive into what an audiogram is and why it should be a part of your podcast strategy.

Promoting a podcast with audiograms

Audiograms are a unique element of podcasting. They stand out on user feeds and can bring in almost 5 times the amount of traffic, compared to video.  Followers that aren’t willing to commit to a full-length podcast episode can click on an audiogram and decide if they want to listen more. Audiograms help to highlight impactful or important moments of an episode, all while providing low-cost advertisement for your podcast. They are highly sharable and an easy marketing tool for your brand.

Surprisingly, podcast listeners are playing an average of 8 shows per week. The competition is real. Creating audiograms can help you establish your social media presence and reach new customers. You can post an audiogram weekly on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram with a link to your show in the caption. They can serve as teaser trailers or they can be used to promote the launch of a new season. Audiograms are a simple tactic in your podcast strategy that can boost brand interaction and increase followers. 

Here are 5 key elements to include when promoting your podcast with audiograms:

  1. Use fascinating images that are visually intriguing. This can be pictures of the host and guest, a professional headshot, or an image specific to your brand or podcast.
  2. Capture people with your headline. Use a profound quote or a shocking statistic. Whether it is provocative or emotional, quotes capture followers visually and create a lot of curiosity in your followers.
  3. Write a caption that entices followers to slow their scrolling and turn the sound on. A 2021 study by SocialPilot found that longer captions get better engagement on social media. Don’t be afraid to set up the focus of an episode or propose a question that your followers want an answer to.
  4. Adapt your audiogram size and quality for each social platform. Poor quality images or improperly formatted content will quickly push you out of the competition. Social media has trained the human eye to seek out high-quality images and sound. Pay attention to what works best for an audiogram, within each social platform.
  5. Design an audiogram template that you can easily access and re-work. Brand consistency is an important part of your marketing strategy. By creating an audiogram template, you can easily create a visual common thread for your followers and easily interchange elements of your audiogram.
Check out this audiogram from the Biotech and Breweries Podcast, with Daniel Schroeder.

Budget-friendly podcast promotion 

The price of podcast production can get high but promoting your podcast with audiograms does not have to be. With monthly costs and subscription fees from hosting platforms and recording equipment, it can feel like your budget is expanding a little too quickly. Audiograms are cost-effective and can be worth the investment. Intelligent creator platforms make it easier than ever to create dazzling audiograms.  A subscription to a design platform like Canva or an audiogram creator like Wavve is a mere $30 on average per month. They provide a large database of unique design options and can help you create audiograms that mirror your brand. 

Secondly, if your show is taking off and you find yourself overwhelmed by the required commitment of maintaining a social media presence, it might be time to partner with a production company. A media company can help you create an audiogram from scratch. You can utilize a production company to create an audiogram template that you work from all season, or you can rely on them to create and post your content, weekly. They have an arsenal of resources that can amplify your socials and do some of the heavy lifting, at an affordable rate. 


Whether you choose to create your own or work with a production company, podcast audiograms will help you stand out and give your followers a taste of what your show is about.

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