How To Use Zencastr with the Rode RODECaster Pro

How To Use Zencastr with the Rode RODECaster Pro

by: Michael
Published on: April 10, 2020

Last month, Truth Work Media flew out to Oregon to help a business setup an in-house podcast recording studio. They wanted the best gear and the ability to record remote interviews. I knew I would immediately recommend getting the RODECaster Pro, but I didn’t know for sure if it would work with browser-based podcast recording software like Zencastr. I searched everywhere online, and I still couldn’t find an answer. So I decided we were going to test this, in house, first.

Teaching podcasting

Michael Yoder helping Gene Kim setup the RODECaster Pro.

Zencastr has emerged as one of the best online podcast recording platforms.

“The capabilities of modern web browsers are opening the door to a whole new level of web-based applications,” stated Josh Nielsen, creator in Zencastr, explaining that new real-time technologies have made it possible to build a complete podcasting studio which can be consumed via a browser.

Featuring a foolproof design and a relentless focus on making podcasting as high quality and simple as possible, Zencastr involves a ton of features that makes production easier.

It’s possible to record in lossless formats, as an example, or to have another track per participant to make editing sound professional. The service also comes with an automatic feature that helps equalize and mix audio so it sounds as great as possible.

How Zencastr works?

Zencastr works on your browser. This means that all you must perform is send a link to your guests and hit record. Their audio will be listed on their end before it gets compacted and garbled. Then it’s automatically streamed to your Dropbox account.

Without question, the podcast interface available on the industry at the moment is your RODECaster Pro.

Does the RODECaster Pro and Zencastr work together?

The Rode Rodecaster Pro is a fairly distinctive piece of audio equipment since it is designed entirely with podcasting in your mind. Since it demonstrates that podcasting is a market worth investing in, that is exciting for the medium as a whole. Because Rode does very well in the artist and voiceover worlds, it’s also exciting.

The RODECaster is amazing for local interviews, so I decided to check it if you could utilize the RODECaster to document online interviews, utilizing platforms, like Zencastr. 

I am happy to report that, yes, the RODECaster Pro and Zencastr work flawlessly together. 

I would say they’re a match made in heaven.

To get this to work, you’ll have to allow(enable) the Mix-Minus attribute on the RODECASTER.

  1. Hit on the Settings button (gear) on the top left from the primary screen. Rode RodeCaster Pro Main Screen.
  2. Click Hardware from the settings screen.
  3. Click Advanced in the Hardware settings
  4. Click Audio from the Advanced options.
  5. Toggle on”Enable Mix-Minus” beneath the USB Chanel choices on top.

This will let you use your microphone that’s connected to a RodeCaster to communicate with your guests that are connected via Zencastr.

Another feature you’ll need to ensure that you turn on is multitrack recording for the SD card. This will let you record multiple audio tracks, which makes editing your recordings easier. You will have the ability to record separate tracks from your microphone, plugged into the RodeCaster, and recordings coming in from your computer, using Zencastr. 

Here’s how to turn on Recording Multitrack to SD Card

  1. Hit the settings button (gear ) on the top left from the main screen. Rode RodeCaster Pro Main Screen.
  2. Click Hardware from the settings screen.
  3. Click the Advanced menu from the Hardware screen
  4. Next click on “micro SD Card”

After both of these features are enabled, you are ready to start recording your podcasts.

Will this work with other online recording platforms?


Other recording platforms offering the identical experience as Zencaster comprise of Cast, Cleanfeed, and Squadcast. All these platforms will work with the Rode RodeCaster Pro.


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