Getting a Grip on Podcast Advertising

Getting a Grip on Podcast Advertising

by: Chelsea
Published on: March 8, 2019

Are all Ads the Actual Worst?

If the word “advertising” is like a swear word to you, you’re not alone. Ads interfere with people’s content (why else would premium and streaming services cut them out altogether?). Retargeting strategies freak people out. And Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal confirmed people’s fears that ads are not only annoying, but invasive.

Digital advertisements at a city crosswalk

Traditional advertising can be annoying and invasive. Does anyone even pay attention to that style anymore?

Many people assume that obnoxious ads and invasive advertising strategies have led consumers to hate ads altogether. Hubspot, however, conducted a survey that led to a different conclusion. They found that 77% of respondents would rather ad filter than ad block.


The survey didn’t include a list of reasons, but think about it. You and I use ads to discover new products and services we love. Sure, word of mouth from trusted friends leads us to a lot of our favorite finds, but some credit goes to ads.


The fact is, well crafted, helpful ads are useful. And here’s another one that might surprise you — podcast ads perform at rates that blow other platforms out of the water.

The Stats on Podcast Advertising

In 2016, the Interactive Advertising Bureau partnered with Edison Research to conduct a Podcast Advertising Study. During the study, researchers surveyed close to 1000 podcast listeners about podcast advertising. The results were shocking.

“…nearly two-thirds (65%) of fans are more willing to consider purchasing products and services they learn about during a podcast. Sixty percent also state that, given equal price and quality, they prefer to buy products from companies that advertise on their favorite podcasts.”

Considering a product purchase is one thing. Responding to a call to action is another thing entirely. On this front, the survey responses sided in podcasts’ favor yet again. The findings stated that podcast listeners often do respond to calls to action, with 45% visiting a sponsor’s web site and 37% looking up more information about a product or company mentioned on the podcast.

A man sits behind a desk and computer wearing large headphones

The host-listener connection plays a huge role in the success of podcast ads.

Why Podcast Ads Work

People follow through on podcast ads because they trust the host(s). Investing in the podcaster-listener relationship is a key component of starting a successful podcast. Listeners often stick with a podcast because they feel connected to a host. Often times, a person chooses to try a podcast because of the topic, but they usually stay because the host is engaging or relatable enough to keep them around. Once a listener feels like the podcaster is like a friend with similar beliefs and hobbies, they’re willing to try things the host recommends.

Measuring Your Ad Results

If you’re going to try monetizing your podcast through ads, you’ll want to track your results. In Forbes’ “A Survival Guide for Podcast Advertising,” Kurt Kaufer gives a great rundown of measuring tools that are at your disposal. Three of the most popular? Promo codes, vanity URLs, and After-sale surveys.

Promo Codes

Podcast listeners are most familiar with promo codes. They’re a pretty straightforward concept. Create a promo code that corresponds with your podcast title and have your listeners enter it for some kind of discount if they follow your ad’s call-to-action. It’s easy, trackable, and usually gives your listeners a nice incentive to try out a new product or service.

Vanity URLs

A vanity URL is a special link with a customized name that leads people to a specific landing page. If you’re using a vanity url to track ad results for your podcast, consider making it the podcast name.

After-Sale Surveys

If you’ve ever listened to a podcast, heard an ad, and purchased the product or service being promoted, you may have run into an After-Sale Survey. An after-sale survey simply asks the question, “how’d you hear about us?” Your podcast will be one of the options listed on the survey, and if your listeners are loyal, they’ll click your podcasts’ name.

Let Us Get You Started

At Truth Work Media, we’re your podcast consultants from start to finish. If you have questions about connecting with your audience, running podcast ads, or simply starting your first show, contact us. We can’t wait to meet you.

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