Video & Editing

Podcasting was once an audio-driven media form. However, a 2022 report from Voice Acting company Voices revealed that YouTube is now the preferred podcast platform for podcast listeners.

Yes, YouTube now tops Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Audible and more. Why? Video podcasting has skyrocketed in popularity. And it’s still on the rise. Our team will help you record and edit your podcast video to make your episodes accessible to listeners and viewers.



Some podcasters prefer an in-the-moment conversation. Others rely on a script. Our writing staff can help you turn your draft into a polished, production-ready piece.


Audio Editing

One of the fastest ways to lose your audience is with bad audio. From consulting on your podcasting room acoustics to your equipment and post-episode clean-up, we’ll make your episodes crisp and easy on the ears.



When you stop recording, your work is done. We’ll handle getting your podcast to the right streaming platform, right on schedule.



Use 30 or 60 minute coaching sessions to get studio setup recommendations, general questions answered, or brainstorm episode ideas. We’re here for you as creative collaborators and consultants every step of the way.


Show Notes

Give your listeners a preview of your episode and help them search for specific content with keywords and phrases in your show notes. Our detailed descriptions optimize your podcast and improve your user’s experience.


Social Media

Help your podcast reach new audiences with audiograms and other social media promotions announcing your episode drops. With one video call we’ll create 12 pieces of content to help you promote your podcast.


Podcast with Us

Podcasting has a lot of steps. As your podcasting partner, we can take care of everything once you stop recording.

Ready to roll? Ready when you are!