Social Media

Help your podcast reach new audiences with audiograms and other social media promotions announcing your episode drops. With one video call we’ll create 12 pieces of content to help you promote your podcast.

One Video Call Creates 12 Pieces of Content

You shoot a video. You record a podcast. You have two great pieces of content, but what if there was more value hidden in that work?


We take the audio from your zoom call, and create a fully branded podcast that lives on Apple, Google, Spotify, and everywhere else.


Did you know YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine? We create video clips to live on YouTube and also to populate your social media channels. All from the zoom video.

Social Graphics

We use pull quotes and main ideas to create custom graphics to curate a beautiful and informative social media feed.

Macro and Micro Content: A Better Social Strategy

The idea around content creation for social media can be broken down into two parts. Macro content and micro content. Macro content is full-length content in its original form. This includes complete videos and entire podcast episodes.

By pulling snippets of video and audio footage we’re able to generate micro content – short visual or audio bits that boost engagement on and interest in your social media platforms.

It’s the idea of thinking and working smarter, and not harder. If you are able to sit down and record 15-20 minutes of content, we are able to take that audio/video and create an entire social media plan for your business.

Our Social Media Strategy

Video Recordings

Youtube Channel



How It’s Done:

  • Step 1: Record a zoom video call.
  • Step 2: We take the video call and create all of this content
    • 3 video promos
    • A YouTube channel
    • A podcast created from audio
    • Quotes graphics and video clips to social platforms
    • Audiograms Custom intro/outro graphics
  • Step 3: We create social media captions
    Step 4: We schedule out the content

We Design Everything For You and Your Business

Our clients are experts with words and in their field. We take their words and turn them into social media content. If you can record a zoom call, we can create content. Even if you can’t record a zoom call, we can do that for you!

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Ready to roll? Ready when you are!