Discover what our clients have to say about their experience with Truth Work Media. From collaborative and personalized approach to exceptional sound quality, our podcast production services have impressed podcasters.

“My favorite thing about Truth Work media is that the process feels so collaborative. This amazing team doesn’t just care that everything sounds great (which it always does), they also care about how every episode FEELS. I’ve been blown away to have found the sound quality I was looking for, from a small, indie studio: where everyone actually knows my name, cares deeply about my message, and is genuinely committed to the success of my show.”

Natalie Norton

The Show Up Podcast

“I was excited with the idea of launching a podcast, but figuring out how to make it happen was a bit scary. I’m so thankful for TWM! From finding the right equipment, to setting it up and recording, Michael and his team made it easier than I could of ever imagined! We are excited to launch the 2nd season and the ideas/improvements they brought for this round are going to help us reach even more people!”

Dustin Kaehr, MBA | Director, Lippert Academy for Leadership

“Working with Truth Work Media is a dream. They have been uber encouraging as I’ve been creating and developing a new podcast. He’s guided me through step by step to launch a podcast well. I didn’t ever think I’d host and podcast but with his help, it is happening and I LOVE it. I’d super encourage you to check out these services if you’re even a little interested!”

April Diaz

Author / Podcaster

“I was fortunate to find Michael and TruthWork Media while I was looking at starting a podcast. They have a been a tremendous resource in producing Breaker Society, as well as Beyond One Day, a podcast produced for a school district client. From coaching to all the technical aspects that come along with podcasting, TWM has been a supportive partner and have made the process of producing content much more efficient and effective. Looking forward to continuing to work with them long into the future!”

Shane Haggerty

“I’d talked about podcasting for years, people told me I should do one, but I was stuck. Talking to Michael got me going again and helped me understand what to focus on and what to ignore when launching The Wonder Jam Cast.”

Adam Lehman

“It’s fun to see a ‘rising star’ agency in the podcast world come out of South Bend, Indiana. That’s what we have here with Truth Work Media. Priced within reason but with the highest of quality standards, every month TWM helps people tell their stories to the world. Connect with TWM to learn more about how you can realize your podcasting dream – even if you’ve never dreamed it before today!”

Dr. Terry Linhart

Terry Linhart Podcast

“When I started my website and podcast I reached out to my network for the name of a company I could trust and, without hesitation I got back the name “Truth Works Media.” With TWM’s capabilities and professionalism I can focus on the bigger picture of my business without worrying about quality or having to micromanage. I am confident with the team at TWM that I am getting top notch work with every part of my business they’re a part of.”

Pat Ivey, Ph.D | Former NFL player

“We at BioLogos had been thinking about a podcast for a long time, but didn’t think we had the resources to do it well. A chance conversation with Michael changed all that. He and TWM walked us through every aspect of the process and showed us how to put together a high-quality show. We’re super proud of the outcome (Language of God), and highly recommend TWM for anyone looking to get into podcasting.”

Jim Stump

BioLogos Vice President