What Is A Good Podcast Framework?
by: Josh Hartsell
Published on: August 9, 2017

What Is A Good Podcast Framework?

Once you determine the type of the podcast you intend to create, consider style and flow of each episode. Keeping your audience and content goals in mind guides this process. You will find most podcasts fit into one of a few different categories.

Many podcasts include as single host who monologues about a particular topic without.

Interview podcasts are also extremely common. In this type of podcast, a host(s) will engage with a guest(s) and the episode will be a back and forth between them.

Some podcasts use a single host while others include multiple hosts.  Single hosts make scheduling and recording more simple. Multiple hosts include varying voices and additional levels of expertise. Including different personalities with multiple hosts can assist in drawing in larger audiences while also reducing the burden on a single host. There is not one size fits all approach. Do what works for you.

Your specific needs and approach will likely change over time as you become more comfortable and receive feedback from your audience. The following structure provides a good place to begin with formatting the flow of your podcast.

  1. Start with an opening jingle or theme music
  2. Introduce the hosts and preface the topic/interviewee for the episode (this is often recorded prior to an actual interview or monologue)
  3. Welcome your guest and allow them to provide their own introduction.
  4. Conduct an interview with host asking 1st question / 2nd / 3rd / 4th (repeat steps 4 & 5 as necessary)
  5. Speaker’s answer
  6. Thank the guest and give space for closing remarks or promotions
  7. Wrap up the episode (this is often recorded after an interview or monologue)
  8. End with closing music or signature sign-off

Remember to have fun with the process. Make adjustments and implement audience feedback along the way.

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