Why You Should Use Podcasts to Market Your Business

Why You Should Use Podcasts to Market Your Business

by: Michael
Published on: March 26, 2020

No matter what niche or industry your business is in, you’re bound to have competition. Digital marketing is how you show your audience that your products/services are the best choices, in order to separate yourself from (and rise above) the competition.

There are many forms of online content that come under the digital marketing umbrella. Social media, Emails, Blogs, to name a few. However, many people ignore one of the most effective forms of digital marketing – Podcasts.

Making Podcasting Part of Your Business’ Marketing Strategy 

Creating a podcast for your business might not be the most simple form of marketing, but when it’s done right it can have a whole host of benefits for your business. From building trust with your consumers to helping you reach a whole new demographic.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to include Podcasts in the marketing strategy for your business.

1 – Convenience For Your Audience

Audio content is far more easily accessible for users when compared to text and video. Podcasts can be listened to when commuting, working out, or even cooking – as they don’t require full focus in order to consume your message.

2 – Easily Increase Your Reach

When uploaded to Apple Podcasts or Acast or any other podcast platform, your content is immediately exposed to thousands of potential listeners – for free! This level of organic exposure helps to increase your reach, and grow your audience, in a way that many other forms of digital content do not. 

3 – Grow Connections With Industry Experts

Many Podcasts work on an interview format. Take advantage of this by inviting industry experts to appear on your podcast. Not only will your audience learn from them, but you will be able to add expert connections to your network. Plus, your guest will likely promote your interview with them, which has the added bonus of giving you free exposure to their audience too. Fortune 500 company, Lippert, is a great example of using this platform. To reach industry experts as well as their own internal workers, they created their own podcast. Check out the show here: Lippert Academy for Leadership

4 – Stand Out From The Competition

Hosting a podcast is a sure-fire way to stand out from your competitors in a potentially crowded marketplace. It helps to position you as an industry authority, and ensures that your business will be the first they think of when they need your services. Podcasts can also influence your effective communication with your own team. Podcast are extremely versatile.

5 – Build Trust

Audio content is personal. Hearing you speak each week and getting to know your personality, sense of humor and passion, means your audience will feel they know you on a personal level. This, coupled with the fact that you’re delivering educational and value adding content, will see your audience naturally come to trust you and your business. Trust can be built on a personal level, but podcasts are a great way to establish yourself as an expert in the industry. With the right tools, you can build trust in all the right ways.

Learn How To Start a Podcast For Your Business 

To learn more about starting your own podcast, that will benefit your business, check out our podcast start-up course for businesses. We cover everything you need to know in order to create a successful podcast that will fit in perfectly with your current online marketing strategy.

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